A Bedroom Refresh with Primark Home

  • Aug 28, 2019

Since the wonderful miss Eva joined us nearly a year ago (how is she almost one already please?), our bedroom has become a bit of a dumping ground. The room we said we’d keep as a haven for us, free from baby paraphernalia and tidy so we can retreat at the end of the day is now essentially a massive wardrobe and storage unit.

There are piles of clean washing to be put away, washing to be washed, storage boxes of old baby clothes to go up in the loft and stuff from the spare room we threw in when we had people to stay. It is a MESS.

Thankfully I recently worked on a sponsored Instagram post with Primark Home that gave me an excuse to give it a bit of a much needed refresh. I chose Primark Home pieces to give our bed and bedside tables a cosy update. This blog post isn’t sponsored by the way, I just wanted to go into a bit more detail on the pieces I chose because they’re so lovely!

I wanted to create a grown up but colourful environment with quite a luxurious feel. I went for navy super soft jersey (made from sustainable cotton) bedding for our Kingsize bed, this set is reversible too and is oatmeal colour on the other side in case I fancy lightening the room up! I chose a gorgeous bright yellow velvet cushion with a tassle to contrast the navy that I’d spotted on the Primark Home instagram before I popped into the Manchester store.

Eva is of course obsessed with the cushion and the tassle! She had the best time playing on the bed while I took these photos.

My bedside table was a bit of a mess before, I had a giant Snake Plant which was taking up quite a lot of space as well as books, my glasses, water bottles, flowers, basically too much stuff!

I’ve created a little luxurious bedside table set up with a few accessories from Primark Home. I went for a gold tray and grey and gold planter which I moved our money plant into alongside a couple of candles to match the new bedding, they smell amazing! The exact planter isn’t online but pop into your nearest store to check if you want one too, it was around £6.50.

My favourite addition to my bedside table is the gold clipboard, I wanted to have a few photos on my bedside table but didn’t want them to take up too much space so this was the perfect solution. I can add and change it as much as I like! It was only £6 too which is an absolute bargain.

Eva was of course a huge help while I took these photos, I love this photo of her battle cry! What you can’t see is Joe having a nap on his side of the bed just out of shot too, nothing like working around my environment!

I loved working with Primark on the post for Instagram, I hope you like this post and what I’ve done with our bed too! It was great to be able to get everything I needed in one place and for it to all come to around £50, an absolute steal! You can have a look at what Primark Home has to offer and check stock in your local store on their site here.

11th August 2019
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