• Feb 3, 2019

After you’ve been through the rather traumatic unique experience of childbirth you are suddenly a mum. Overnight you’re miraculously in charge of a beautiful little human being and even though it’s amazing, it’s also pretty bloody tough. The good massively outweighs the bad and even the tiniest little baby smile (no, it definitely wasn’t just wind) makes all the pain melt away.

So what else could make a new mum smile this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a few things that I’d like this Valentine’s Day, from the perfectly normal and easy to get from Tesco to the downright never going to happen. Leave a comment with anything you’d like to add, I’d love to hear what you’d like too!

1. A full night sleep 
Because even if your baby sleeps through the night you’ll likely check they’re ok every hour. 

2. A pelvic floor of steel

Trampolining lessons aren’t really an option right now.

3. A bit of free time

Remember when you could just have a bath for an hour, go out for lunch or read a book uninterrupted? I managed a yoga class and brunch this morning for a few hours and it was GLORIOUS. But even then I was harassing Joe for information on naps the whole time I was out. 

4. A whole (hot) cup of tea 

Top tip, I top mine up with cold water so I can drink it in 10 seconds flat.

5. Your body back 

Remember when your boobs had integrity and your stomach didn’t have a brown line on it? Yeah, me neither. But, to be fair my arms are getting pretty toned from carrying her around so that’s nice.

6. Boujee pyjamas 

Because you can be comfy and feel like you’re presentable.

7. A horrendously fancy candle 

For burning when I’m in the bath for 10 minutes until she wakes up, but I will feel like a queen for those 10 minutes.

8. Anything with Alexa in it  

Because when a song comes on that you hate and you’re elbow deep in baby poo you can skip it, and you can change Alexa’s name to Nigel or something rude to brighten up your day.

9. An increase in statutory maternity pay 

Because it’s only £580.72 a month and that’s not really ok. 

10. Flowers and chocolate

They are the classics, and they are bloody lovely. But make mine dairy free chocolate because I’m still breastfeeding and my baby is allergic to dairy…

11. Photos of your baby

Because when she’s asleep all I want to do is look at photos of her. Or is that just me?

12. A cleaner

So you can spend nap times doing something other than cleaning the kitchen and sorting the recycling. Or I’d just settle someone who comes in and empties the nappy bin tbh.

13. A blow dry

Well, just clean hair really. I’ve gone from washing my hair every day to about twice a week, and even then I just wash it, slather it in Moroccanoil and put it in a french plait to keep it away from grabby little hands. And for my post partum hair loss to stop but the blow dry is probably easier. The glamour.

All that said, I am loving being a mum. I have the most beautiful, funny, chatty, wriggly little baby and I wouldn’t swap it for anything. But I would quite like a good night sleep one day soon…

Add a comment below with anything you’d like to add, I’m sure there’s a million and one things to add!