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  • Jun 6, 2021

This year has absolutely flown by and it has definitely been a bit of a whirlwind so far! There’s been a lot going on for our little family so I thought I’d post a quick update.

We’re having a baby

We’ve kept this to ourselves for quite some time but it’s getting a bit too big to hide now! There have been a lot of creative angles in photos recently. I’m just about 6 months pregnant and we’re due this September, another September baby incoming! Eva is so excited to be a big sister and keeps asking if the new baby is ready to play with her yet. I can’t wait to see what a wonderful big sister she’ll be and to meet the new baby.

One of the main reasons I’ve kept the pregnancy in our safe little bubble is because we sadly suffered a miscarriage just before Christmas last year. It was early in the pregnancy but it still hit me hard. We were so, so lucky to be able to get pregnant again quickly but I think about the baby we lost every day and sure I always will. Miscarriage is something so many people go through and don’t talk about so if you want to talk, please reach out!

We moved house

The new baby was the main reason for us wanting to find a bigger house, as well as Joe’s every growing collection of chairs, books and collectibles. We were looking at a loft conversion in our old house or buying a renovation projects but we saw this house and fell completely in love with it! The previous owners had great taste and had pretty much done everything we were planning to do to a renovation project already so we decided to go for it. We’ve barely changed postcodes though, we’re only 4 minutes down the road from our old house!

I’m so happy we did, it felt like home almost straight away and the outside space is an absolute game changer for us. We haven’t had to too much to the house yet, apart from making it feel like home and re-decorating a couple of rooms including our bedroom. It’s a Victorian semi detached with a kitchen extension that opens up onto a patio area and garden, it also has plenty of storage space as the previous owners converted the cellar so hopefully it will be a lovely family home for us for years to come.

We had Covid

Just as everything opened up again and a couple of days after I got my vaccine, we managed to catch Covid. Typical! After pretty much a year and a half of being super careful Joe and I tested positive and we were stuck at home (with Eva too of course!) for 10 days. I was so, so grateful for the new house and outside space at this point!

Thankfully our symptoms were relatively mild and were similar to normal flu, Eva hasn’t had any symptoms thankfully apart from being more tired than usual. Being pregnant, having Covid and looking after a stir crazy toddler is an exhausting mixture! I could really, really do with a holiday.


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  1. Farida

    6th June 2021

    You and Eva are just gorgeous ! We are so happy for all these good news. Eva will rock as a big sister and you are an amazing mum !!!
    Lots of joy and happiness ?

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