• Mar 11, 2019

My dressing table has been an absolute shambles since I had Eva, a dumping ground for anything and everything from contact lenses and baby wipes to face oils and nappies. But in my Marie Kondo fuelled rampage around the house last week, my dressing table finally got a bit of TLC!
The lovely people at Beautify sent me an Illuminating Makeup mirror* and beautiful navy velvet Makeup Case* to make my dressing table a little bit more easy to use and actually enjoyable for once. I cleared off all the nonsense and just kept what I needed on a day to day basis so now it’s a practical and relaxing place to be for the 7 minutes I have in the morning to get ready!

For years and years I’ve used an Orla Kiely makeup bag that I got in a goodie bag at one of her London Fashion Week shows to store my makeup, though it’s still going strong, it has definitely seen better days and it was high time for an upgrade.

I chose the two tier navy velvet makeup case as I love navy and it seemed like a durable colour to go for, I’m ever so sensible now don’t you know? It has two levels and comes with a removable divider if you want to keep smaller things like hair bobbles and jewellery tidy, but I just use both sections as they are. I keep my makeup in the top section and hair products in the bottom making it really easy to find everything and looks so much tidier than having everything spilling out of a make up bag and on my dresser. I feel like an actual organised human being instead of a rushed off my feet new mum!

The illuminating makeup mirror (or the chin hair hunter as I like to call it) is so handy too. It’s great for make up, ring lights are always so flattering thankfully, and it comes with a smaller magnifying mirror on the back ideal for hunting down those rogue chin hairs or eyebrow hairs if you’re under 28!

It also has a dish on the base which is great for keeping everyday things like hair bobbles, lip balm, my pill, contact lens case, tweezers etc. It’s really handy just having everything ready and to hand.

If your dressing table is in need of an upgrade, take a look at Beautify for loads of beauty storage, accessories and homeware. They have everything from cushions and prints to full length mirrors and storage, perfect for making a little dressing table escape for your morning routine. 

*The makeup case and mirror was gifted to me in return for a review and opinions are, as always, my own.